Greetings! I’m Olivia Wilson, and I’m thrilled to have joined the exceptional team at Scott Powers Dentistry in April 2023. As a Dental Assistant, I’m excited to contribute to our patients’ well-being and the success of our practice.

Passion for Teamwork: One of the aspects I love most about my role is the opportunity to collaborate with my wonderful coworkers. Building strong relationships within our team enhances our ability to provide outstanding care to our patients. I believe that a supportive and cohesive team creates a positive environment that truly benefits everyone.

Life Outside the Office: When I’m not assisting in creating beautiful smiles, I’m often spending quality time with my fiancĂ© and cherished family and friends. Whether it’s sharing laughter around the dinner table or embarking on outdoor adventures, these moments with my loved ones are truly priceless. I’m also a proud pet parent to two lovable dogs who bring boundless joy to my life. Their wagging tails and endless enthusiasm remind me of the simple pleasures every day.

A Personal Note: It’s my genuine pleasure to be a part of your dental care journey at Scott Powers Dentistry. I’m committed to providing you with attentive and compassionate assistance to make your visits as comfortable as possible. Your oral health and satisfaction are my priorities, and I’m dedicated to playing my part in helping you maintain a healthy and confident smile.

Thank you for considering me as your Dental Assistant. I’m excited to meet you and embark on this journey toward better oral health together.

Warm regards, Olivia